Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rocky Mountains

We headed out from Pueblo and after a short ride we were at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The climb was steep, as we passed 3000 meters above sea level the temperature dropped below 15c and it got pretty cold. The landscape was made up of tall trees and snowy mountain tops. We decended into a town called Montrouse, filled up on gas and headed out towards what is called the Million Dollar Higway. Once out on the million dollar highway it became apparent that we had ended up in the middle of an illegal street race. Expensive sportscars with decals ran past us at what had to be over 200 kph. The cars were everything from Ferraries to limousines and it was clear that they were buildt to race. We saw a police car catch one of them but most of them just blasted through traffic along the narrow roads. There must have been at least 40 or 50 cars total and we encountered them all the way to Monument Valley. We later found the web page for the race,

If you ever find yourself in the rocky mountains we cannot reccomend Route 550(the million dollar highway) enough. While not for the faint of heart, as the drops are huge and there are no protective railings, the ride in of it self is one of the most beautifull we have ever experienced. Check out the video below for a short impression of the route. Afer clearing the million dollar highway we rode until night and checked into a hotel at the Mexican Hat.

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  1. So glad you guys got to see the Rockies in Colorado. I wondered if you were coming here, but didn't see it on your map. Enjoy the rest of your trip, the drive up the west coast is amazing.