Saturday, July 3, 2010

The 13 hour train ride

Long train rides are not that tough. The ride is relaxing and you get to see the countryside in a way you would not when riding in a car. We took the train from Toronto to New York and the ride was an experience. Lots of great scenery through the whole state of New York especially from Albany and down Hudson River. We left Toronto early in the morning so when we rode down the Hudson River we got to experience a perfect purple sunset. Awesome...

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  1. Hey Heini and Frederik!
    Thanks for very fun times yesterday! It was so nice to see you and spend time in NYC with you! We are so excited (and jealous) of your trip, and we'll definitely be following your blog.

    Here are the few tips that we had for you:
    - The town close to Monument Valley where we found an inexpensive hotel is KAYENTA. It was maybe a 25-30 minute ride from Monument Valley.
    - In Bryce Canyon, the town where we stayed was called TROPIC and our hotel was PIONEER VILLAGE. They have cabins and a cool BBQ restaurant (good food & live country music). It's very low-key and not fancy at all.
    - If you have time in California, check out HEARST CASTLE:
    - In San Francisco, Chris's favorite bar was ROMOLO 15 ( and apparently it is a very good cocktail bar without being snobbish at all.

    Have a fantastic time!!!! And see you in August, Heini!