Saturday, March 2, 2013


We visited Agonda twice. It is more peaceful than Palolem, a bit bigger and beautiful. The last night in South Goa was spent at Agonda beach eating delicious food and saying goodbye to our friend. Thanks for a memorable two weeks Elisabeth!


Wanting away from the beach for a while, we decided to check out the city of Margao. A relatively small city filled with Rickshaws honking and salesmen on each street corner. We walked around the marketplace, which is the main attraction, before heading back to our coconut beach.

Just Behind The Coconut Tree

We arrived in Palolem on a Saturday. Palolem beach is in South Goa and known for it`s more laid back atmosphere compared to the northern beaches. Cocohuts are lined up throughout the whole beach, just 20 meters or so from the ocean. We found the perfect place to settle down for a couple of days, with our own balcony overlooking the Arabian sea. The days are spent sunbathing, swimming, eating lazy lunches and enjoying the best meals with Indian wine in the evening. Random fireworks every night and local fishermen selling fresh fish in the sand really set the mood. Restaurants are required to turn down the music at 11pm, so life is pretty quite and relaxed. A fun way of getting around the noise regulations are silent parties, where everyone dances around with headphones. Palolem with its white sandy beach, coconut forest, great food and cheap prices makes it great place to stay.