Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just off route 66 there is a small town called Flagstaff. Situated just below some mountains this town is often used as a entry point for the Grand Canyon and that is why we came here. Grand Canyon is a little over an hours drive away and we got up early to get a good start. After arriving we spent a couple of hours walking around before we sat down for a nice meal at the Bright Angel Lodge. Then we headed down the Bright Angel Trail. We were warned, repeatedly, to not set off on a longer trek down the trails of the Grand Canyon. The temperatures further down easely get as high as 45 - 50 c on a summer day like this and can result in fatal dehydration if you are overly ambitious, so we decided to make a short trip down the trail and then head back up.

Later in the day, back in Flagstaff, we headed to a local diner. Its was Rockabilly night and the place was packed with people dancing swing and listening to rock classics from an old jukebox. We ordered some hamburgers and wings with some of thebest milkshakes ever. A great meal and and a fun night later we turned in for the night.

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