Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paradise Lost

We had been travelling for two days straight and when we finally came to Kudle beach in Gokarna it was like a peace of heaven. We found available huts by the beach. Rudimentary and charming. We enjoyed great food and comfort of this hidden beach and spent two relaxing days here. Sunburn and relaxed we agreed to head on, and took a taxi for a couple of hours to Palolem beach in Goa.


We decided to head for Gokarna and on the way we stopped at Mangalore and Udupi. Heading out of Kochi, we managed to buy unspecified train tickets and ended up spending the night on a sleeper carriage. An exciting adventure! After a 8 hour train trip, we arrived in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. When we finally arrived in Mangalore in the morning we crashed at a hotel for a couple of hours before heading up north with a private chauffeur who drove us to Gokarna,


We flew to Kochi early Monday morning. After a terrifying taxi ride from the airport we arrived at Fort Kochi, an old Portuguese colonial part of town. We strolled down the picturesque streets before settling in at our hotel. We spent the rest of the day window shopping and walking along the shore. We spent two days here and were ready to head up north.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


We have arrived in Mumbai! Pretty exhausted after the long flight, we were able to check in at our hotel early. After a couple of hours if sleep we were ready to go see the Fort area and Churchgate by the Arabian Sea. Walking along the Chowpatty seaface, we ended up at Chowpatty beach. Beachlife in India is really something else! Fantastic atmosphere with families spending their afternoon playing in the waterfront and eating cottoncandy. Tomorrow we head for Kochi.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Planned Route India 2013

Heading out to India today. Traveling from the south of India up to Mumbai. Looking forward to pristine beaches. This is out planned route and as always its open to change:

1. Mumbai
2. Kochi
3. Allepey
4. Udupi
5. Gokarna
6. Palolem
7. Agonda
8. Mubai