Friday, July 30, 2010


We made a decision to head for Portland next. The coast has been awesome, although the Pacific summer is not exactly warm. Temperatures all the way down to 100C makes even a Norwegian summer seem warm. We drove the last bit of highway 1 until it merges with a slightly faster highway 101 and enjoyed the ride. We stopped in a charming little town called Florence on the Oregon coast for lunch (delicious and highly recommended clam chowder) and a stroll in old town.

After almost staying in Florence for the night, we finally got to Portland before dark and checked in at Jupiter hotel on the east side. A very original hotel, with a friendly and unique vibe, we absolutely recommend checking this place out when in Portland. We ate a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant and then had a great night out listening to a live band, also at the hotel.

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  1. If you are still in Portland, go see the Japanese Gardens. Best I've ever seen, right outside of downtown.