Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Orleans - Day 2

Today was laundry day, life is exciting, we know. So after doing all of that we headed down to check out the market. We had lunch at Angeli's on Decatour, they do sell some tasty pizza and wings there. I lost a chess match against a really good street chess player. We had a relaxing day, not doing much at all, as we wanted to rest up. Later we headed out to see some live bands. We wanted to give Bourbon street another try as we felt we may have been a little harsh towards it in our post yesterday. And we actually found som really cool places tucked away inbetween the larger ones. First we went to see a real good band at Fritzel's. They had a great live act with a full band on stage. After that we headed next door to the Funky Pirate and sat in on a great blues show. The singer Big Al was pretty awesome and his show pretty much made our night. And that concluded a lazy day in New Orleans.


  1. Hei igjen begge to.
    Høres ut som dere har det fint på alle måter!! Har dere tenkt å spise vafler på Den Norske Sjømannskirken ? ..... men hvordan skal en få tid til alt. Ser ut som dere utnytter tiden veldig bra:)
    Nå vil jeg bare ønske dere god og trygg vei videre!!!!!!
    Klem fra Mams i Oslo :)

  2. I like the way you travell, it sounds so relaxing and fun. It seems that you find also the things that you enjoy so easily ;)
    I am waiting and looking forward to meet you two here in Vancouver.
    I hope you could have time to help me to set up a blogspot for me, too.
    Love mom!