Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monument Valley

We woke up and got the first look at the scenery around us. It was funny how our surroundings had changed so completely, from the mountains last night, to red sand desert today. We grabbed a quick breakfast by the San Juan River, and then drove a half an hour to Monument Valley. We took a drive down The Valley Trail, an unpaved road in between the “rocks”, which lead us to an unexpected chance to go horseback riding. Riding a horse in Marlboro country was an experience of a lifetime. And it was no easy ride either; as we rode the horses on cliffs about 60 meters high and had the most amazing view over the valley. The rest of the day we hung out at The View hotel, enjoyed a great meal and waited for the sunset. More than one day would almost be too much here, as the place is so beautiful, it will blow you away..


  1. Thank you for sharing all this with us <3 mom & dad

  2. Ser alle tiders ut Frederik. Hvordan gikk det å komme seg ned fra hesten? Ser ut til at dere får med dere mye og mange fine bilder. Hvilket kamera har du kjøpt. Her er det mye regn og vind og tempen i sjøen er 14grader. Følger med dere fra hytten fikk låne nettverk av Larsi. God tur videre