Monday, July 24, 2017

Tokyo day 4

We got up early and left for the Tsuijki fish market. The market is a mixture of shops, eateries and the inner market area where fishermen buy and sell hundreds of tons of fresh fish every day until around noon. We walked in the inner market marveling at hundreds of weird creatures of the sea. You have to watch out though, the workers work at high speed and if you don't pay attention you suddenly get splashed wet by the cleaners and end up smelling fish for the rest of the day. We ate sushi fresh from the sea and bought Santoku knives. Many checks off our bucket list.

We walked to Tokyo tower in the Roppongi district. The walk took about an hour through the skyscraper and financial district of southern Ginza and Tsuijki. Tokyo tower is inspired by the Eiffel tower and was completed in 1958. The tower has two observatories, the main observatory at 150 meters and the special observatory at 250 meters, offering views of Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tsukuba and of the Tokyo metropolis.

We ate delicious noodles on our way back. Some of us headed for a night out in Shinjuku and others rested and slept to gather some energy for the remaining days.

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