Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kyoto day 3

We had the bikes for another day and left straight after breakfast to Arashiyama. It is situated by the western hills in Kyoto and is an area with Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and a bamboo forest. We walked for a good couple of hours admiring the sights and especially the bright colors of fall foliage. We stopped for green tea, frozen yogurt and a traditional Kyoto snack; Mitarashi-dango. This is a rice flour dumpling served with sweet sauce. We spent a little extra time people watching and enjoying good wine with our pasta lunch before heading back.

Since our Airbnb apartment didn't have WiFi, we sat at Starbucks to get the latest updates from world news before heading out for dinner. We wanted to try Kobe beef but at 25000 yen for 100 grams, we found that a bit on the pricey side. Instead, we found great Japanese/Italian place that served Waygu beef. This was the best meal yet. With our stomachs full we continued the night at a jazz club with live music.

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