Sunday, July 23, 2017

Japan nov/dec 2016

We had a 2-week trip to Japan in November 2016. The flight from Oslo took 16 hours and we landed at Tokyo Haneda airport.
The public transport system in Japan can seem overwhelming, but it is very well organized. With good help from the airport staff we found our way to Tokyo city. We hadn't booked a place to stay for the first night, and this turned out to be a challenge. For the first couple of hours we walked around trying to find a vacant room with no luck. At the same time we were dazzled by the bright neon lights and the magnitude of this place. We found our way to Shinjuku station and left our luggage there. Since we didn't have anywhere to sleep, we got ready for a night out in Shinjuku. Strolling the streets, eating some kind of delicious Japanese tapas and drinking sake at a hilarious karaoke bar, the hours went by easily. Our plan was to leave for Kyoto on Sunday. After a bowl of late night - or early morning - noodles we headed for the train station for tickets on the Shinkansen. The high speed train took just over 2 hours, and for some of us this meant 2 hours much sought after sleep.
We arrived in Kyoto at 9 am. We couldn't check in at our Airbnb apartment before 4 pm. So Sunday was spent in a coma like condition walking in the Imperial palace garden and drinking coffee; while reading up on Kyoto for our 4 days here.

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