Monday, November 17, 2014

Phaplu to Junbesi

After speding two nights at Phaplu we headed to Junbesi. It was a beautifull ride along pristine single track. There were some death defying drops off to the side but that is just something you have to deal with. After getting to Junbesi we rode up to the monestary close by.

The entrance to the monastery was a very long stair case decorated with love by the local monks. We got to meet some amazing monks and they invited us in and served us tea. When leaving the monastery we wanted to be respectful and carry the bikes out. But the monks insisted that we ride the stair case down so they could watch us. So we set down the stairs on our bikes while the monks were chasing us cheering and laughing. The day ended at Junbesi in a lovely guest house.

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  1. Hi, Nice photographs. I plan to visit Phaplu and Junbesi this Oct '17. Any suggestions with regards to lodges there.