Monday, November 17, 2014

Patale to Manebangong

To get from Patale to Manebangong we had a good ride infront of us. Mostly on paved and gravel road. As we rode out of Patale we said goodbye to the mountains for one last time. When we entered Manebangong, after 5 hours of riding, we found a very nice downhill trail leading through the city. We jumped at the oppertunity and the locals cheered us on as we blasted past them at high speed. After some fun we packed up for the night ad we were ready to leave for Katmandu the next day.

The next day we rode down to the river were our jeep waited for us. After getting in the jeep we had a nice 7 hour ride on some of the worst roads I have ever seen before we arrived in Katmandu.

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