Sunday, November 2, 2014

In Transit to Nepal

Being in transit is tiring. For me the time is 5 in the morning here in Abu Dhabi its almost 9. Doesn't seem like much of a difference but after a very uncomfortable and random night of sleep aboard a plane I am pretty tired.

Finally arriving in Katmandu I did know what to expect. Total chaos straight from exiting the gate. The line to get a visa was almost endless. And after waiting for an hour there was another queue at the security check. Anyone who has been to India would recognize the queue culture, it is non existent. First one to squeeze themselves to the front is the winner. There was a lot of chaos and people got angry. So they naturally stormed the security check. As the crowed pushed through the metal detector the poor thing could not keep up. Beeping over and over but the guards had given up and the "security" check was rendered obsolete. Welcome to Nepal! I was picked up at the airport by some of Tangis people and we headed off to the hotel. I really need a warm shower and a good nights sleep.

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