Sunday, April 8, 2012

Moscow - Day 1

So, I finally made it to Moscow. After sleeping through most of the train ride I woke up to find myself half an hour from Moscow. After saying my goodbyes to both Yuri and Kari I got off at the Moscow central station. I made my way through the bustling crowds and found myself a taxi. The hotel was hard to find, it was located in a hidden alleyway and it had no signs at the door. The Artel Hotel was a gem though, I got a great room with awesome artwork on the walls. The room was spacious and the staff was very friendly, on the first floor there was a club, on the second floor there was a cafe with a bar and it even had a theater in the back. It turned out that this hotel was one of the major staging points for the political demonstrations in Moscow. So the bar hosted political debates as well as cultural events like concerts and theater plays. I cannot recommend this place enough for anyone looking to experience a different side of Moscow. I headed out and took a tour of the city center, I visited the Kreml and all the surrounding attractions. Later in the night I went to a concert in the hotel bar and got to know quite a few locals. I would like to thank The Red Dog (Dimitri) and all the other people I met for a excellent time out in Moscow!

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