Monday, April 9, 2012

Moscow - Day 2 & 3

Day 2 and 3 in Moscow was spent mostly relaxing and recovering. I ventured onto the Moscow subway system and I found it pretty easy to navigate even though all the signs are in Russian. People are really helpful if you ask them and after taking the subway in the wrong direction for about 15 minutes I discovered what a great idea it is to ask other people for help.. Anyway, I headed out of Moscow center to a place called Sparrow Hills; this is a look out point and has a beautiful view of downtown Moscow. The weather made this trip a little harder, the sky suddenly opened up and it rained down hard, making it difficult for me to get any good pictures. But I managed to snap a few. To get to Sparrow Hills I had to pass through the university, this was a really large and menacing building, but very cool none the less. After successfully finding Sparrow Hills I headed downtown and I ended up spending the evening in the cafe on the second floor of my building. Its an excellent place that I cannot recommend enough. There was no live music today but the food was excellent.

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