Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hong Kong - Day 2

We spent the day exploring the northern part of Hong Kong Island. There is so much to see as you walk along the roller coaster like streets and elevated walkways. Every new street corner reviles a different view of the skyscrapers, and the streets are filled with shops, restaurants and advertisement rising many stories from the ground. After walking around the more traditional district of Sheung Wan, we took a tram across to the eastern side to Victoria park. In the evening we took the Peak tram up to Victoria Peak for the awesome view over the city.


  1. Hurra for HDR and lightroom ;). Great pictures!! :) Got a new cam in HK?

    1. Takker Marius :) Jepp fikk meg nytt kamera i Hong Kong. Brukt markedet her er temmelig stort. Kjøpte meg en litt eldre K-7 til en billig penge. Veldig fornøyd :)

  2. Maybe the best 'emotional' night picture of the city there I have seen, and I have seen many. It is an amazing view to this strange mixture of metropol, sea and sky. Markus