Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our plan was to get to the Zhangjiajie national park in the  Hunan province. Its far from Tangkou and getting there by land takes a couple of days. We had two cities in mind as stop over cities on the way. The first one Anqing was an industrial city by the Yangtze river. Mostly by chance we found a random by passer who knew English. She helped us find a bus to Anquing via Tunxi. after a comfy 6 hour ride with open windows passing through stellar farmlands admits tall mountains we arrived in the city with 6 million inhabitants. After finding a cheap hotel we had one of our best meals yet. In this restaurant the tables had frying pans in the center and you could fry your own food. It was excellent. Later we took a stroll down the Yangtze river boulevard looking at the different street performers sing Chinese opera. One peculiar thing here in China is the street dancing. Huge crowds gather and do synchronised dancing and anyone can join in if you know the steps of course.

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