Saturday, August 24, 2013


We spent two days in Squamish. The nature and bike trails here definitely live up to their reputation. We stopped at Tantalus bike shop to get trail maps before heading up to the Garibaldi Highlands. Half Nelson is an amazing flow trail, and the perfect choice for our first ride. Many of the trails in Squamish area are only accessible by strenuous uphill climbs but some are possible to shuttle by car. Of the many trails in Squamish, we rode three; Half Nelson, Pseudotsuga and Angry Midget. Angry Midget was the hardest to get to and only after a 45 minute climb and some bike portaging through a totally foreign forest you would find the entrance. The videos does not do justice of how steep the terrain is, Angry Midget has a gradient of -28%. We will definitely come back here once or twice more before heading home.

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