Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The 17 hour train ride

After spending a few more days in Jaisalmer we turned towards New Delhi. The last leg of our journey was a 17 hour train ride through familiar landscapes. This time we had book AC2 tickets, this class was probably my favourite. A good mix of tourists and locals and the open landscape makes it much easier to talk to different people. The worst class would be sleeper, with no air condition and up to 6 people crammed in a compartment designed for 4. After a long train ride and all the strange things that happen on the night train to New Delhi we arrived at our destination. We met up with Sushi for one last coffe before we left India. India really is a nation of contrast, and it really becomes apparent when you are sipping your ice cold frappe while watching a bull pull a wooden wagon full of supplies outside your window.

Higher resolution images can be found here.

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