Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last stop, Vancouver BC

We took a bus from Seattle to Vancouver – a real downgrade from the comfort of a car, but a cheap and fast way to get across the border. A 3-hour ride in a bus is actually tolerable. We were met by my parents and stayed at their place in the university area in Vancouver. We had started to feel a bit, well, tired after a month of traveling so it was nice to come to a familiar place and just relax.

During our 4 days here, as we have been here many times before, we took things pretty easy and had no need for touristy sightseeing this time. We took a trip to Lacorno beach and admired the city skyline and the mountains in the background. A visit downtown for a little shopping and a movie were the second day’s plan. A couple of ice-cold frappuccinos were enjoyed in the heat, as well as great burgers at Red Robin, and delicious beef at Trafalgar’s Bistro. We spent the rest of the time in the garden sunbathing and beginning planning for future travels. China is looking good ;)

We wish we had had a car, and more time so we could have checked out more of British Columbia, but some things have to be saved for another time. We’ve packed our suitcases now, heading home tomorrow.

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